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I have built the LarissaKayFitness platform to offer the ultimate online coaching experience that will give you the tools to reach your true potential and discover a greater you!. My services help people to establish healthy habits that transform their body, improve their posture and mobility, level up their knowledge around fitness & health, smash their goals and improve their physical, visual and mental well being. By providing empowering and highly effective training plans that are science and results backed, nutritional guidance, regular check ins for support, educational content, the #LKF community and much more...

find out how you can get involved in the success and become part of the amazing community. 

Ultimate Training Guide: E-BOOK

Learn about the various types of training stimuli, advanced techniques and tricks and how to program your own workout to lead you to success. This will teach you the how and why so you can train with purpose.

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Stacey M

Larissa is a great personal trainer. She is very knowledgeable and will motivate you. Without Larissa, I would have probably quit the gym by now. She goes above and beyond my expectations and I would definitely recommend her.


My Story

Fitness changed my life for the better, it has given me confidence, self-belief, made me a better and healthier version of myself and it has become my passion to help others do the same, realise they CAN and achieve their goals.

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