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I'm an experienced fitness professional and my mission is to help you reach your goals, create a greater sense of well being, fulfil your true potential and enjoy the journey of life, I am a strong believer in having a positive mindset and being proud of yourself and who you are every step of the way, this is why I have built a platform that will not only enable me to guide you all the way to reaching your health and fitness goals but will also enable "US" to set and smash mindset related goals to discover a new and greater sense of self. Your physical and mental well being is a huge priority to me as well as smashing them goals and improving your balance, flexibility and comfort in your own body. 

I specialise in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals, no matter what your background, you can become that fit person you always wanted to be and feel amazing! personally I had never been any good at sports or anything fitness orientated, I was the kid in PE at school that nobody wanted to pick because I was not naturally athletically gifted. I was fed up of feeling unfit, down and sluggish due to my unhealthy habits and decided to make a change, and it has became my passion to help others do the same and reap the physical and mental benefits and feel amazing.

 My Story:

 I began my fitness journey after spending years treating my body and mind badly with self hate and comfort eating and after seeing a photo of my body and realising the effect my bad habits had on it, and feeling fed up of feeling down about myself, having low energy levels and feeling stiff, I decided to make a change and to eat better and move more, I stepped on the scales to face the consequences of my bad habits, +3 stone and I began my journey, I changed my mindset, and this was the key to persevering and achieving my goals. Instead of being in the gym and worrying how long it would take to reach my goals, I realised that the time will pass anyway, you may as well spend it doing something that will get you a step closer towards them goals, even if progress is slow, you are still closer than you would be if you did nothing, I changed my focus to enjoying the present moment, the journey, to enjoy what my body was actually able to do and to see it improving in function after working hard in the gym, rather than forcing myself to go to the gym out of hate for my body, I Went because I love it and want to look after it and embrace what it can do. After all I cant just rent another body to live the rest of my life in.


I learnt to think of what I wanted most rather than what I wanted at that current time, (Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream), I allowed failure to drive me further rather than discourage me and I learnt to value myself and my health and I lost 3.2 stone along the way, along with my partner who started at 25 stone and lost 7 stone in just 7 months and featured in our local newspaper, although he has now lost even more... but gained so much from it. During this time I developed a passion for helping others in the community I proudly became part of and decided to take my knowledge further and qualify as a Personal Trainer. Since then I have helped many others take their health to the next level and I can honestly say I love my job.

Fitness changed my life for the better, it has given me confidence, self-belief, made me a better and healthier version of myself and it has become my passion to help others do the same, realise they CAN and achieve their goals.

I take great pride in the confidence, progress and success of my clients, and I look forward to helping you. Get in touch to learn more or visit the Services page.


Reach Your True Potential

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