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Data Rectification

-use the links below to update and rectify any account details.

Access to Personal Data
- Your personal details are stored in a secure database, there are two types of information we collect in two separate databases, your sign up information and your client based details used to create your client portal and provide you with our services. (We do not collect payment details, if you wish to receive a copy of or amend/remove these details, please contact our third party provider 'Paypal') .If you wish to request a report with all the information we store you can do so below. This will be emailed to you directly in CSV Format. 

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Right to be Forgotten
- Use this option only if you wish to remove your personal details and any other data such as exercises tracked and sessions logged. Note: This will permanently delete your account and all of the information linked to it, meaning you will not be able to use our services.

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Have a question or concerns, please contact me by email here.