Welcome To Larissa Kay Fitness Online Coaching

Welcome to LarissaKayFitness. I'm looking forward to helping you with your goals. This page is designed to walk you through everything I offer on my platform. Both the offline and Online side of it and how to get the most out of my services. 

If You have purchased an online program you will be provided with an online version you can follow, with videos, form tips etc... and many other benefits.

to suit clients who prefer to not be looking at a mobile device while training you will also be granted access to a private spreadsheet that you can access offline or print for your convenience.

Below I will take you through these options:

Online Option:

Offline and Paper Copy Option:

You Will Be Granted Access to a Google sheets spreadsheet, that you can use off your mobile device to follow and track or print it and track your sessions with pen and paper, it is up to you f you would like to use google sheets, the website/app or both. Just please let me know on your check in Every week.


The spreadsheet will detail your exercises planned, recommended sets, reps and rest times. Anything in yellow requires your action, such as filling out the date of session, tracking weight and reps and clicking the link to the client check in at the end of the week. Click the comments box at the top right hand corner to view a detailed guide to the spreadsheet and how to use. Your progress, measurements will also be stored on a spreadsheet. If You would like to print click, 'File' and then 'print'.