Try This Versatile Leg Day Hip Mobility & Glute Activation Focused (Warm-up)

Updated: Feb 18

For those who struggle to feel their Glutes engage during their workout performing a Glute activation warm up prior to their workout can help to improve that mind-muscle connection and helps them to feel their muscles engage in the right places, but remember activate, don't annihilate.

This warm up includes low impact variations of key movements involved during Leg Sessions, such as full range Horizontal and Vertical hip extension, hip abduction and hip external rotation, to help to warm up vital muscles and joints used on leg days and run through the movement patterns dynamically. This will help to get your body in a prime state for performing Squatting, Hinging and Bridging Movements with Load.

Warm up your Glutes and other key muscles and get yourself moving through Full ROM with a short round of this Circuit

1) Bodyweight Donkey Kicks, 10 - 15 Reps x1- each leg

This exercise will help to warm up your gluteus Maximus muscle, by taking you through full range hip extension.

2) Fire Hydrants 10 - 15 Reps -x1 - each leg

This exercise will help you to warm up your Glute Medius and Minimus through both Hip External Rotation and Abduction, this also helps to loosen up the hip region.

3) Bodyweight Double Leg Glute Bridge 15 Reps

This exercise will warm up your Gluteus Maximus, building upon your mind muscle connection.

4) Bodyweight Good Mornings 15-20 Reps

This exercise will warm up your Hamstrings and loosen them up dynamically, helping you perform exercises later on with full range of motion.

5) Squatting Internal Rotation 8 Reps Each Side - Followed by 8 Bodyweight Squats.

This exercise will get your legs warmed up, loosen up your hips and get you body ready for performing squats and lunges more optimally later on in the session.

6) Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat 6 - 10 Reps x1 - Drive Knee Forward

This movement will warm up your several key leg muscles, with the added benefit of loosening up your hip flexors and placing a good stretch on the glutes. This will help to get blood flowing and loosen up your joints. Feel free to hold on to something for balance.

Remember the Goal is to warm up and activate, not to annihilate, you don't want to be working till failure here, instead focus on a slow tempo and feeling the muscles do the work with perfect form. ( A warm up is not necessary to achieve good results but it can be a useful tool for those who struggle with their mind muscle connection or feel they need to loosen up their muscles and joints to perform more optimally.)

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