My Top Tips For Staying Disciplined.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Tips for staying on track and seeing results:

1: Believe in yourself, you are on this journey for you, you are worth it and you can do it!

2: When times get difficult, think about what you want most rather than what you want at that current moment.

3: Remember your diet is just as important as training, if not more so, especially if your goal is fat loss. You can train as hard as you like, you will get stronger, fitter and sculpt the under layers of your body but if your diet is lacking you wont loose fat, you simply wont loose fat until you consume less than what you burn/expend in a day. I strongly recommend tracking you your food and liquid calories with MyFitnessPal to keep you accountable and on track, whilst also remaining flexible.

4: Don't completely cut out snacks if you enjoy them, this is something that people with the 'all or nothing' mindset tend to do. They go all in, no snacks and no flexibility and when they get invited to a party and have one slice of cake they crash, because they feel as if they have ruined there diet and failed it, where as in reality they have only consumed approx. 300cals and if they have something low cal for dinner they will still be in a Calorie Deficit for that day, even if you consume over your allowance for that day you could still get back on track the next day and see results. If you had one flat tire, you wouldn't go and slash all the others, would you?. This is why I strongly recommend you remain flexible and enjoy yourself while you are on this Journey. If you use MyFitnessPal, you can work a few snacks into your day and still stay within your calorie limit, and still loose fat. I recommend timing your snacks that are higher in sugar to 30-60mins before or after you exercise, to control insulin response and maximize your energy levels.

5: Don't count down the days, instead focus on mini effort based goals and enjoying the process, try to develop love for your body as it is, its the only home for your soul. You should be exercising because you love your body and you want to look after it, not because you hate it and you want to change it. Your Body can do amazing things and exercise is a privilege that some people don't have. " Appreciate that you have the incredible opportunity to get fit. You may have to prepare your meals, but some have no meals to prepare. Weights and Cardio take effort, yet some cannot lift their weight from their wheelchair, let alone do cardio. You are privileged, you are blessed. Let that be your motivation." - Unknown

6: Set Yourself Mini Effort based Goals each week that are realistic, goals such as workout out 3 times in the week, hitting 8,000+ Steps each day, being kinder to yourself, smash these goals and give yourself some credit for your hard work at the end of the week. Each Mini goal that you set and achieve will add up to a greater picture and will give you something to focus on, use something such as a chalk board or post it notes to remind you of your goals for the week.

7: Don't dwell on the past, whether you've eaten something that wasn't massively healthy, exceeded your Calories, missed a training session, its in the past, you can't change the past. But you can write your future based on what you do now. Move on, accept it, don't regret it and use it as a lesson, learn your triggers, your cravings and what tempts you to fall of the wagon.

8. When your feeling low or un-motivated think about what you want most rather than at that current moment, focus on how far you have came rather than how long you have left to go. Life is a journey the time is going to pass anyway, don't spend it counting down the days!. Instead live in the moment!

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