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My journey to transform my body has been 12 weeks so far - fueled by a feelings of low body confidence.

Having met with Larrisa at our local gym I was encouraged that change was possible, and not just a physical change but one of changing the way you view yourself and your body.

I embarked upon a 12 week plan in which my very knowledgeable PT took my opinions into consideration when constructing a plan that targeted not only the parts I felt uncomfortable with but my whole body in the process. She advised me on technique, diet and positive thinking and was always a message away if ever I needed help or encouragement.

Larissa has a way that is inclusive and works as much on self discipline and belief as it does outside support, while the plan is online, I've never felt on my own.

I'm looking forward with much positivity to what the next 12 weeks hold.

Thank you serge for believing in me

Hizir Kutalp Ari


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I was always a big guy but it didn’t bother me too much until I have reached 25 stones. Then my family started to get worried about my health and I decided to go on a diet. First thing that I noticed was the foods that I was eating were fast foods with a large fizzy drink, sometimes I would skip breakfast because I didn’t have time to prepare it or was just too lazy to do so. And the next thing was the lack of physical activity. I was always working in front of a computer screen all day, getting back to home late and watching TV while lying on the sofa.
My bad habits and lack of care and knowledge in health/nutrition was putting my health at risk. I approached Larissa Kay Fitness when I realised I needed to do something.
As soon as I signed up to the program I could see the changes in a matter of days, I was more productive then I ever had been and I wasn’t tired all the time. In the first week or two I cut out all the bad food and replaced it with foods that only carried nutritional value and replaced all of the fizzy drinks to just bottles of water. It sounds harder than it is but once my body was receiving the good foods I no longer craved the junk foods.
It’s knowledge that money can’t buy and an investment in your health and the people you care about.
In just few months with the programm I dropped to 18 stones. I have become more knowledgeable about the right food choices and the benefit of health which I can now share with my family and friends around me as well as educate my children correctly and give them the best chance of life fighting off obesity and diabetes two major concerns for the next generations health.
I would highly recommend Larissa Kay Fitness, at the end of the day your health is everything. Learn how to maintain it.



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Thanks to the support encouragement and knowledge shared and given by Larissa I have managed to lose 9st and improve my physical and mental health into the bargain . Who’d have thought this party boy and foodie could learn to love himself and the gym and still enjoy food as much as ever and lose weight and tone but here I am larger than life and loving myself

Client Reviews


Stacey M


Larissa is a great personal trainer. She is very knowledgable and will motivate you. Without Larissa, I would have probably quit the gym by now. She goes above and beyond my expectations and I would definitely recommend her.


Chris S


Larrisakayfitness is the place to be for all your fitness needs! 100% recommended not only do you get a highly detailed workout routine and fitness program, you also get access to highly informative articles, 7 days a week support and a tailored made fitness program that fits you and your goals.


Richard S


Two weeks into training with Larissa and already looking forward to my next session! Sessions are enjoyable, challenging and far far more productive than I was training on my own!

Larissa has me highly motivated and excited to see what we can achieve over the coming of months....


Carla O


I recently started training with Larissa and was enjoying the sessions so much, I have included my 16 year old daughter Anna.

Larissa takes time to plan sessions that challenge and motivate us both to compete against each other. This has really improved our training sessions.

She keeps a record of our sessions ensuring that we are challenged to push ourselves harder each time we train.

I would highly recommend Larissa if you want a personal trainer, in fact my 19 year old son has had two sessions and really enjoyed them.


Helen S


Have learnt to love exercise since having PT sessions with Larissa, she is so motivational and a joy to train with! Really enjoy every session!