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I have wrote this guidebook to teach you the how and why of positive bodily adaptations to both training and nutrition and to give you the  tools to achieve and sustain amazing results and reach your true potential. 


This is not a Program, this is a Book that will teach you how to achieve any goal you set your mind to and to get to the point of what actually matters when it comes to achieving this result, as well as teaching you about the science of what actually happens in your body as a response to training stimuli and nutritional approaches.

Some Of The Topics Covered Are:

- Self Care and Mindset

- How the body moves and functions as a whole - bones, muscles, heart, lungs and the nervous system.

- Muscle Fibre types and genetics.

- Resistance Training - Strength, Hypertrophy and Endurance, Training methods and advanced training techniques to maximise results and tick all the boxes.

- Creating the perfect balance of Intensity, Frequency, Volume and Recovery.

- Cardiovascular Training and target heart rate zones.

- Skill based training.

- Nutrition Eating to match your goals - Fat Loss, building muscle, Changing body composition.

- Nutritional Values explained.

- Sustaining Fat loss results and reverse dieting.

- and more...




Reach Your True Potential

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